Why is video marketing important for brand awareness?    

Content, in general, is highly competitive, and platforms saturated with people-created content are releasing it every minute. If you do not make relevant content and connect with your audience, you will lose the opportunity for potential customers and sales. On the other hand, strong content creates value as it spreads the message and presents your business to your target audience in a unique way.  

Social media platforms are updating their algorithms to favor video content over that of other mediums. This transition to video content means that when users search for something on these platforms, and even on search engines, they will be directed to a video the platform or search engine thinks answers the user’s inquiry. Video marketing content is the best way to be memorable, entertaining, and clear when delivering a message to potential customers. If these social media platforms adjusted how they work to please their consumers, businesses should capitalize on this transition and implement video marketing strategies into their marketing plan. By implementing video marketing into your marketing plan, you will use both search engine and social media algorithms, increasing your awareness.   

Ivan Estrada has found that he has generated many more leads for his real estate business since using video marketing in his marketing strategies. For example, Ivan says that he has gotten multiple listing appointments (a meeting with a seller and an agent to see if they want that agent to represent them in selling their home) from people who found out about him from his video marketing videos. 

How to introduce video to your marketing strategy  

Every marketing strategy should focus on two things: 1) Properly delivering the message of your product or service and 2) explaining the value of your product or service for the customer. To begin integrating video into your marketing strategy, you should first understand your brand’s environment. This includes what your customer is looking for, what content has the most significant impact, and what needs your product or service fulfills. Next, you can check your insights on the respective social media platforms or online services to understand your environment. These insights can come from prior marketing strategies and be adjusted as your video marketing strategy begins to integrate with your current strategy. If you have not started any marketing strategies but want to start Video Marketing, begin to create videos and post them to have enough data to analyze and adjust your video marketing strategy through your insights.   

When the research is done, you can create a video production schedule, and you know what key topics you must address in your content. This schedule will tell you when, what, how, and where to make your video marketing content. In addition, this schedule will help you plan your filming days in its entirety. It will tell you what equipment you need, topics of the videos, who needs to be there, how long each video should take, and more. For example, when Ivan Estrada creates his production schedule, he meets with the videographer and other people to plan the day. After recording all your video marketing content and editing it, it is time to share them with the world. Then, you can syndicate the videos according to your video posting schedule. This schedule will tell you when to post, which video to post specifically, and on which platforms. In addition, there are services like a Facebook business manager that will allow you to plan out future posts making the syndication process much more efficient (Ivan Estrada loves efficiency!). 

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