Video marketing is the rising medium in today’s business industry. Video Marketing enables brands to connect with their customers like never before as they can provide audiovisual information through various digital platforms. In addition, video marketing allows brands to portray themselves as authentically as possible while also providing information efficiently and effectively.   

Ivan Estrada has used video as a marketing strategy to promote his Real Estate Brand, Ivan Estrada Properties. Over the last 12 years, Ivan has created and syndicated videos about the current state of Los Angeles residential real estate market, the different neighborhoods of LA, the homes he is selling, and much more. These videos enabled Ivan to gain more awareness for his brand by adhering to social media’s search algorithms and solidifying himself as an expert of Los Angeles real estate.   

What is Video Marketing?     

Video marketing is a tool that integrates audiovisuals into your content strategy to achieve the different objectives of your marketing plan. Compelling video content is based on the idea that you create to fulfill your viewer’s interests. Therefore, not only does your brand need to satisfy a customer’s need, but it also has to communicate that message in a gripping way. If done correctly, video will strategically help you sell a product or service, spread knowledge, entertain your viewers, explain the qualities of what you sell, and help your customers better use your product.  

On average, people spend about 1.3 seconds per post on social media, meaning attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter on average. As a result, static images and text are becoming less attractive than videos, making video’s audiovisual components more likely to entertain the viewer. Therefore, if you want to get more engagement, video will have your audience’s attention for an average of five times longer.    

Google, the most used search engine, uses its algorithm to pull results for all kinds of queries from around the web. Google’s algorithm favors video content as they understand that video is the most preferred type of content by its users. YouTube, owned by Google, has become the second most popular search engine, and it only houses video content.   

Over the years Ivan Estrada has learned that video is the preferred form of media by consumers due to its sensory attributes and the preferred form of media by search engine algorithms. By understanding this, Ivan found the opportunity to integrate video into his marketing strategy, gaining a competitive advantage in his industry.   

Statistics for Video Marketing 

If you are debating whether to add video to your marketing strategy even though your marketing tactics show strong ROI, the answer is simple: YES, add video marketing to your marketing strategy.   

Although video has been part of our lives for decades with television and film, social media has enabled brand communication strategies to use this highly entertaining form of media in a new way. Brands can create videos to show the complete offering of their product or service in a way many can access through these platforms. Video marketing allows a brand to better cater to their target demographic because these platforms offer metrics and insights to help you analyze your branding and marketing strategies. More brands need to use video marketing as it is starting to be the easiest and most appropriate way for people to learn, be entertained, accumulate knowledge, and feel connected.     

A survey created by Wyzowl confirms the importance of using video as a strategic tool. They found out that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2021. This marketing tool’s importance is growing as 93% of marketers who use video say it is crucial for their marketing strategy. Businesses, by nature, are trying to adhere to the needs of as many potential customers as possible. Additionally, according to Biteable, 94% of marketers who use video will continue to use video in their marketing strategy. 68% of marketers say that video has a better ROI (return on investment) than that of Google Ads. These statistics prove that brands are increasing their video content production and output to show potential customers how they can suit their needs. 

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To help you get started on creating videos and video marketing, the Brand With Video course was created by Ivan Estrada. This course focuses on video creation, branding, and authenticity. Ivan will show you the best way to connect with your audience and grow your business. You will learn to identify your brand, address your marketing objectives, and instill your brand message into your customers.  

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